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Title Agencies

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Experience makes the difference. The officers and legal representatives that are part of the Fidelity Escrow Services Inc. network go through what we believe to be the most rigorous vetting process in the industry. Here at Fidelity Escrow Services Inc. we proudly display our Trusted Provider Seal which validates the high quality standards we have met to be a Fidelity Escrow Services Inc. officer.

In order to qualify as a Fidelity Escrow Services Inc. Trusted Provider, an officer agent must:

  • Pass an intensive initial due-diligence screening.
  • Extensive review of applicant's experience, business model and policy loss history.
  • Licensing verification.
  • Conduct business according to our stringent independent agency standards.
  • Maintain honesty and integrity above all else.
  • Stay firmly customer focused.
  • Employ dedicated and well-trained associates.
  • Reconcile all escrow (trust/guaranty) accounts in a timely manner each month.
  • Maintain policies and procedures to ensure efficient and secure settlements, and timely address consumer concerns.
  • Maintain an acceptable policy loss ratio.
  • Issue title policies in a timely and compliant manner.
  • Report policies and remit payments promptly.
  • Maintain a business model that supports the long-term success of our agency.
  • Comply with all local, state, national and international rules and regulations.
  • Adhere to all Fidelity Escrow Services Inc. policies, procedures and underwriting bulletins.
  • Undergo strict ongoing monitoring.
  • Deloitte audits based upon risk model scoring.
  • Quarterly visits and detailed operational checklist by Fidelity Escrow Services Inc. representative (20 points covered).
  • Random background and credit checks.
  • Policy inventory audits.
  • Comprehensive ongoing operational review of agency network by Fidelity Escrow Services Inc. senior management.
  • Extensive training program for loss mitigation and loss avoidance.
  • CFPB compliance training with attendance certification.
  • Licensing verification.

In addition, we exceed these requirements in our efforts to provide even higher quality service and protection and use technology and services that help improve processes and reduce time and claims. Lenders and consumers can depend on our officers and representatives to provide them with a quality experience throughout the transaction process consistent with the coverage provided in our guarantees. Contact us today to learn more about the many ways Fidelity Escrow Services Inc. is raising the bar for your peace of mind.